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The beginnings of the family's pig farming can be traced back to 1935 when the first piglets were purchased.

They numbered four but are now 1,500 when the third generation is taken into operation.

These farms were originally in Eskihlíð at Miklatorg (where Konukot is now) for over 25 years, when they were moved to Lundur in Kopavogur. Then 30 years passed and a move was made, now to Vallá, Kjalarnes.

Stjörnugrís also runs a pig farm in Saltvík, Kjalarnes, Melum in Melasveit, Sléttabóli in Skeiðar and at Bjarnastaðir in Grímsnes.

For a long time, all the slaughterings were bought, but in the end, it became more economical to have them within the company. The perfect slaughterhouse is now in Saltvík and the latest addition is meat processing, which started in 2015. This means that the meat is as fresh as possible, directly in the process and from there in distribution.

Directly from farmer to table.

It is safe to say that consumers have received products from Stjörnugrís, as well as high quality, excellent fresh Icelandic raw materials, the most advanced machines available and, most importantly, good professionals and staff, who are particularly interested in doing well. We will expand our product range and are convinced to play a major role in making people's tastebuds happy. 

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Stjörnugrís hf

162 Saltvík - Kjalarnesi - Ísland

         Opening hours : Monday - Friday  08:00 - 16:00             Saturday - Sunday : Closed

Telephone : 531-3000​

Email : Sala@svinvirkar.is

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Vsk nr : 43897

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