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Content description:

Icelandic pork loin (90%), water, salt, dextrose, binder (E407a, E407, E451, E450, E452), preservative (E250), yeast extract, anti-aging agent (E301, E339)

Nutritional value:



Saturated fat





861 kj / 207 kcal

15 g

6 g

1.2 g

1.2 g

17 g

2.1 g

Hamborgarhryggur 2022 mbeini.png
Hamborgarhryggur 2022 ÚRB.png

Cooking instructions

Place the loin in an ovenproof dish

bottom full of liquid at your own choice.

Heat the oven to 175°C, cook the loin in the oven until it reach 60°C core temperature, take them out and brush with glaze. 

The loin goes back into the oven until it reaches a core temperature of 67°C. 

It is good to let it rest after cooking for a few ​minutes. 

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