mistake labeling


Mistakes were made in the labeling of Kjötsel's chickens barbecue brisket, which are sold under the brand Kjötsel.

The origin is incorrectly marked Iceland, but Poland is correct, but part of the product's nutrition information is also missing.

It should be noted that there is no risk of consuming the product.

Product information Brand: Meat

Bar code 2328805015424

Manufacturer: Stjörnugrís hf.

Best for: 14.05.2021

Distribution: Samkaup

The company regrets that these mistakes have taken place and strives to ensure correct labeling and information to consumers in all respects, regardless of origin, nutritional content, description of ingredients and / or allergens. Consumers can return the product to the store or to the manufacturer if necessary.

With kindness and respect,

Geir G. Geirsson